Car Rental France - Discover the delights of a driving tour in France
Car Rental France - Travel Guide Information Loire Valley, Champagne, Brittany, Paris, Ile-de-France, Provence, Cote d'Azur, Western Loire, Normandy, Corsica etc
Car Rental France - Discover the delights of a driving tour in France
Choose your Language: Car Rental France - Discover the delights of a driving tour in France

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Car Hire France

Discover the delights of car rental, whether it be for business or pleasure through car hire France.

Explore the wide range of cars available to you:

Mini, minivan, 12 passenger van, economy car, compact car, intermediate car, standard car, fullsize car, premium car, luxury + for a special treat exotic!

Select a car for that important business trip in Paris, the weekend away in Barcelona or the holiday in the South of France.

Driving in France is a great car experience, wonderful roads, not too much traffic and amazing countryside. But, to make the experience that bit more enjoyable and even more stress-free, here are a few tips you may find useful.

Never never go above the speed limit - they are strict in France. On the spot fines are in force. 25km/h over the limit and you risk losing your license. Speed camera fines vary from 45 euros upwards. Speed cameras have very large and prominent signs 500 metres or so before you get to them. The camera itself may be discretely placed. Watch out - you have been warned.

Never never drink and drive a car in France. Over 0.05 per cent and you could be looking at anything up to imprisonment.

Watch out for the old rule giving priority to traffic coming from the right (Priorité ŕ droite) - in France towns it is still relevant on side roads that are not marked with Giveway or Stop. Many country roads in now have side roads marked as such, but not all

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Car Hire France - Travel Guide Information eg Loire Valley, Brittany, Provence, Chateaux, etc

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